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Betting On Euro 2020. The Main Favorites Of The Tournament

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The 2021 European Championship (2020) kicks off on June 11 with the Italy-Turkey match and ends with the final on July 11 at Wembley Stadium in London. Who are the bookmakers waiting for in the Euro 2020 final? What bets for the European Championship final can be found in the lines? Who is the main favorite of the main tournament of the continent?

Main favorites and bets on reaching the final

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Odds for favorites appeared in the bookmaker lines immediately after the draw for the European Championship 2020. There are no surprises: among the contenders for the victory are the teams of England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Spain. At the same time, bookmakers evaluate the teams’ chances in different ways. For example, bet365 has two favorites – England and France.

You can bet on their victory with odds of 6.00. The victory of Belgium is estimated by the odds of 7.00.

In addition to betting on a champion, you can place bets on Euro finalists in bookmakers. The odds for the Euro 2020 finalists are slightly less than for the win, but they are also high.

Team odds for reaching the final of Euro 2020

TeamOdds for reaching the final






Most often, the German national team reached the finals of the European Championships – six times. Germany last played in the Euro final in 2008 but lost to Spain.

Germany will reach the final – Yes. Odds 4.50

In the 21st century, five European Championships have been held. Four national teams in the 21st century have made it to the Euro finals twice: France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. The most successful of all was Spain, which became the champion twice.

Spain will reach the final – Yes. The odds are 4.75.

The most unlucky national team in the history of European championships is the USSR national team. The Soviet team made it to the Euro finals four times but won only once. However, if now the Russian national team reaches the final, it will be a great success.

Russia will reach the final – Yes. Odds 21.00

The tournament grid of the European Championship has already been determined, so you can place bets on the final pair. Here are the most likely options:

Belgium and England. Odds 15.00

Belgium and France. Odds 17.00

France and Germany. Odds 21.00

Interestingly, in the history of the European Championships, none of these finals has ever happened. In addition, all the finals were almost unique. Only two national teams have played 2 times with each other in the Euro finals. Czechoslovakia – Germany (Euro 1976) and the Czech Republic – Germany (Euro 1996).

What to bet on in the final of Euro 2021 (2020)

The 2021 European Championship will be a unique tournament – for the first time, the competition will be held in more than two countries (the Euro will be hosted by 11 countries). Only the semi-finals and the final will be held at the same arena in London, at the legendary Wembley. This format makes it very difficult to analyze matches. But before the decisive games, you can recall the main statistical features to choose the best bets on the Euro 2021 (2020) football final.

Underdog Bets

The European Championship is a big tournament, and in its finals, there are usually strong teams that are well known to the fans. However, surprises also happen. Therefore, in three finals over the past 30 years, teams have performed that no one expected to see there:

Final of Euro 1992. Denmark – Germany.

Final of Euro 1996. Czech Republic – Germany.

Final of Euro 2004. Greece – Portugal.

Denmark in 1992 and Greece in 2004 became champions, while the Czech Republic lost to the Germans in 1996 only in extra time.

If the underdog plays in the final of Euro 2021 (2020), you can bet on the fact that he will not lose in regulation time, or even risk his victory.

Under 2.5 Bets

Another trend in the final matches of the European Championships is betting on Under 2.5. That is, no more than two goals will be scored in the match. In all 15 final games, more than two goals have been scored in only five cases.

What bets do bookmakers offer for the final of Euro 2021 (2020)?

The European Championships are the busiest times for bookmakers. Analysts of each bookmaker are ready to offer players the most interesting and exclusive bets for the final.

In the final of Euro 2016 France – Portugal could bet on any event:

  • How the first goal of the match will be scored (by foot, head, own goal).
  • How many passes will the center backs make to each other?
  • Who will hit the net more often – Cristiano Ronaldo or Antoine Griezmann.
  • Who will be the best player in the match?
  • Will the medical team enter the field?
  • And much more.

Bookmakers will definitely prepare surprises for the final of the European Championship-2021 (2020). These will be promotions, contests, and, of course, unique bets on the main match of 2021.